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Azulejos - Winter forest series (200g X 3)

Azulejos - Winter forest series (200g X 3)

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Composed of three soaps produced with a base of vegetable soap, the soaps in the Azulejos I box are packed in elegant papers with patterns inspired by the art of Portuguese tiles.

  1. The Jardim de Inverno (Winter garden) soap offers an intoxicating fragrance of pine and cedar
  2. The Frutos do Bosque (Fruits of the forest) soap has the sweetness of cassis and blackberry
  3. Flores Brancas (White flowers) soap has a delicate fragrance of orange blossom and jasmine
  • This box of soaps is environmentally friendly
  • The soaps contain a vegetable soap base and are traditionally produced in Portugal
  • Soaps indicated for all skin types
  • It is part of the Azulejos line, which pays homage to the art of Portuguese tiles
  • Dimensions: 4 X 17 X 10cm

The tile is one of the most distinctive symbols of what is Portuguese culture and Ach. Brito pays tribute to this secular art with the launch of two new boxes of soaps. Inspired by the beauty and diversity of patterns that decorate the façades of Portuguese buildings, the new Azulejos boxes are composed of three soaps minted manually, in an elegant rectangular shape with 200g, with the Ach logo. Gravel in low relief. The soaps are made with vegetable soap and are packed in quality paper labels, decorated with classic and elegant patterns. Suitable for hand and body wash, each soap offers an exclusive fragrance, developed with scents of nature for memorable sensory experiences.