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My Secret Garden
Tomato Soap
Carrot Soap
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My Secret Garden

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On the western edge of Europe where the land meets the sea and the winds carry the warm sense of Africa. Portugal has remained untouched and nature appears to have stopped. A realm of gardens and endless planes and beaches washed by the Atlantic and caressed by the sun that shines all year around.

Nature is at its freshness, full of taste and aroma. Try by yourself the fresh scents of this legendary garden. A collection of six all-natural garden products from the most extreme west bank of Europe, Portugal. Enjoy a bath or a relaxation moment through the soothing experience of Coconut, Pear, Lemon, Carrot, Tomato, and Eggplant aromas.



TOMATE (Tomato) 160g Soap 

Tomato heals your skin and restores its natural glow. Tomatoes are rich in potassium and vitamin C. It helps your skin rejuvenate and protects from sun damage. This 100% vegetable soap containing tomato fragrance and ingredients can be your perfect rejuvenator. Enjoy the unique soap and feel at home in the tomato garden. 

CENOURA (Carrot) 160g Soap

Carrot helps your skin look brighter and improves elasticity. This 100% vegetable soap contains carrot fragrance and ingredients. Carrots are beta-carotene, vitamin E and C rich, which provide your skin with nourishment and hydration. Enjoy this fresh, rich carrot soap that brings natural brightness to your skin.

LIMAO (Lemon) 160g Soap

Take advantage of the refreshing feel of lemon. This 100% vegetable soap contains lemon fragrance and ingredients. Lemon is high in vitamin C and can help rejuvenate your skin after the sun, removing rashes and irritation. Enjoy the fragrance and benefits from the lemon soap as well as the feeling of strolling in your own garden.

BERINGELA (Eggplant) 160g Soap

The properties in eggplant can help moisturise the skin, preventing it from being dry and aging. This 100% vegetable soap contains eggplant fragrance and ingredients. With high vitamin C and phytonutrients, eggplant contributes to smoother skin and is often used for spa treatments. Enjoy the creamy foam from the unique soap and soften your skin.

PERA (Pear) 160g Soap

Pear is known for reducing wrinkles and age spots. This 100% vegetable soap contains pear fragrance and ingredients. Pears have vitamin A and nutrients like zeaxanthin and lutein that help keep the skin youthful. Enjoy the sweet fragrance and benefits of pears grown under the warm sunshine and the Atlantic wind of Portugal.

COCO (Coconut) 160g Soap

Coconuts  have Lauric and Caprylic acids that help reduce inflammation and even out the uneven skin tone. This 100% vegetable soap contains coconut ingredients and fragrance. The rich fragrance of coconut and fresh foams will take you to a tropical garden. Enjoy the skin tone-up effect and fruitful coconut aroma with this daily soap